Temporary Electrical Services

Smart Firm are NICEIC registered and are expanding into the field of temporary electrical services for projects within the construction industry across the UK. We can supply, install and maintain temporary electrical site services for your projects.

Low Voltage Distribution Systems

Mains Distribution Assemblies and Sub-Distribution Assemblies are built and fabricated at our purpose built plant department based on the specific requirements of the project, these Distribution Assemblies can range from 100Amp to 2500Amp. We can also provide a timeclock controlled distribution board to enable switchable lighting systems to be controlled without the use of manual switches.

110v Power

We have two types of power transformers, a 10kVA standard transformer or a 7.5kVA slim-line transformer will be installed to provide 110v power to other contractors on site. The smaller 7.5kVA slim-line transformer has been designed to be more efficient, slimmer in dimensions and weight with the innovative idea of socket outlets on the sides to reduce trailing leads in corridors and pedestrian routes.

110v Safety (access/egress) Lighting

We use 110v 2ft LED light fittings to illuminate the access and egress routes as set out by the client. Lighting will be installed to industry standards. We can also provide any task lighting if the client also requires this option. All lighting installations will have the option to be switched using various control methods.


Installation of floodlighting, internally or externally is carried out using a variety of lights fittings including, 110v, 230v LED or metal halide type floodlights.

Evacuation Alarms (hard wired or wireless)

We have two types of installations available for both site and welfare evacuation alarm systems, wired or wireless.


We also offer the installation of CCTV across all construction projects; these can either be hard wired systems or a wireless system dependent on the client requirements.

Turnstile / Site Security Systems

We have the ability to install a range of different security systems for example, a full turnstile, swipe card and retinal scan.


During the fabrication stage of the Mains Distribution and Sub-Distribution boards, electrical meters are installed to allow the client to review the electrical consumption of the project during the construction phase. These meters are available in a wireless format so that the electrical consumption can be viewed live via remote access to the meters on either a computer or a tablet.

Generators and Backup Supplies

During the site preparation it may be necessary to install generators to provide power to the construction site. We do offer a standby generator back up system for your project to ensure there is no loss of power.